Battery systems

We deliver various battery systems that allow you to store the available energy in a battery that can be used on demand. The simplest iteration is energy created during the days, which can be stored in batteries and used in the evenings and nights.

We have developed our power electronic and control systems realizing the following functions:

Energy storage

Energy storage is the most straightforward approach for the use of batteries. Energy can be stored in a battery so that the stored energy can be used when one doesn’t have access to electricity. For example, cabins not connected to the electric grid (off-grid) will typically produce excess energy when the sun is shining stored in batteries. This means that in the evenings and nights, one will have energy available by using the battery.

Diesel hybrid

Diesel hybrid is an energy system comprised of diesel generators and batteries. The generator creates energy which goes to usage as well as charging batteries. When the batteries are fully charged the generators stops, and all the energy used comes from the batteries. When the battery nears its minimal or charge level, the generators restart to refill the batteries.

The benefit of such an energy supply is that the generators will be turned off for most of the day and energy production happens under optimal loading of the generators. As a rule of thumb, a generator produces four times more energy per liter of diesel than the generators running at low loads.

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The figure shows how 24 hours can be visualized. The example is from aquaculture and fish farms, in which one has low energy requirements through the night and high usage during the day when industrial equipment is running.

Peak shaving

Batteries that are used to cut power peaks are called peak shaving. When there isn’t enough effect available from the generator or the grid, one uses the batteries to take the tops.

This can also be used with the power grid to prevent using more power than one has agreed with the electrical supplier. Using this methodology, one saves on high-energy processes caused by power peaks.

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Grid support

Grid support can be a solution when the public electrical grid cannot cover the needs of the area. These are locations where there isn’t enough energy during specific times. The battery will be charged when the energy needs are low or prices are low. When the need is increased, and the need is greater, the battery kicks in to help cover those exceedance requirements.

This is already typical of charging stations for electric vehicles. The electrical grid typically cannot manage to charge many cars at a time, and therefore the energy is stored in batteries which aid when the charging demand is high

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Emergency electricity

Batteries can also be set up as an emergency energy solution. This means that one is supplied with electricity even if the standard electrical supply should fail. The battery solution can also be used for UPS applications. The reaction time for emergency electricity is so fast that one won’t notice the transition from running normally to emergency supply. Emergency electricity can be delivered with the effects and charging capacity required.

mobile energY STORAGE

There’s an increased focus on making the workplace of the future as fossil-free as possible. Ordered reduction in fossil energy sources on construction cited are also experiencing strong growth. Many Norwegian cities have already created restrictions on using short-term use of diesel generators on construction sites. This will be applicable across the world in a few years, and means that suppliers of construction equipment must also identify alternative solutions, and the need for charging infrastructure is increasing.

The image below shows you how we supply construction equipment in areas with insufficient energy from the grid. Battery containers can be charged at central changing points and transported to construction sites where energy is required. These energy stores are used to charge construction machinery, and the container can supply construction power.   

Mobile energy stores are delivered with software that can, at any point in time, inform where the battery is currently located, its charging status, and who has bought energy, etc.

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Let the battery be the boss!

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