energy, effect, cycle og kwh? 

Wondering what these terms mean in our industry?


Term Unit Description
Effect kW Output from solar cell panels, battery pack or generator.
Energy kWh

Energy [kWh] = Effect [kW] * Time [h]​
Ex: If a generator is working optimally for one hour with an effect of 128 kW, then 128 kWh energy is produced in an hour.

Installed effect solar cells kWp
How much effect a solar power plant has and will be able to deliver under ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are defined from STC (Standard Test Condition).
Yield Factor kWh/kWp Energy production concerning installed kWp. In Southern Norway, this factor is between 800 – 1000 kWh/kWp.
SoC % % The State of Charge. It is expressed in % of much charge or effect the battery has against its maximum charge on a scale from 0 – 100%.
DoD % Depth of Discharge. For our batteries, this is 100%, meaning that 100% of provided battery storage capacity is available. If the battery pack has 173 kWh listed as its storage capacity, the battery has
173 kWh available.
Cycle count One cycle is a change from 0% to 100% and dischaged to 0% again.
SoH % The State of Health. The battery’s capability presently compared to the battery’s condition at the time of production, which means that SoH will be 100% when the battery is new.