local off-grid solutions for arcic settlements 

Most of the energy for arctic settlements is primarily produced using diesel generators that run 24 hours a day. With our hybrid diesel solutions, we can reduce runtime substantially, also reducing diesel usage, noise, and exhaust. At the same time, the maintenance of generators themselves is also reduced significantly with less need for transportation of fuel to remote areas.

Reduction in diesel usage

Our diesel hybrid systems consist of batteries and a controls environment connected to generator plants. The controls enables that generators always run on optimal load conditions and producing the maximum kWh for each liter of diesel consumed. The generator charges batteries and automatically turns off when the batteries are sufficiently charged.

The batteries are very effective and will run homes/settlements without the need for generators. However, when the batteries’ charge reaches its minimal charge level, the generator kicks in again automatically to recharge the battery storage plant.

Diesel consumption is reduced significantly as the generators are always running.

The energy systems can also be equipped with solar solutions and wind turbines, further resulting in reduced runtime of generators.

Remote monitoring and controls

All our powerplants can be remotely monitored and controlled, which means that our energy system can monitor settlements in the artic area. Using these solutions guarantees customers that our systems have high uptime performance and we can troubleshoot if something unpredictable occurs.

Our customers naturally also monitor their systems remotely to confirm performance.

Typically, the systems are entirely self-sufficient and require no intervention during standard operations.

Great benefits

The advantages of hybrid energy solutions are multiple. Significant reduction in diesel usage, lower CO2 emissions, reduced noise, and simplified diesel logistics. Consequently; less maintenance is required of reduced use of generators.




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Reduce running time on the generators

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