The Transparency Act

How we work with the Transparency Act

Kverneland Energi supports legislations that promotes respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Sustainability has always been central to our business. This includes the areas promoted by the transparency act. Therefore, when choosing our suppliers, their work within social responsibility, working conditions, and sustainability is important. The transparency act sets high standards for how we, as a business, conduct due diligence and report on this.


We aim to be transparent about our efforts to ensure fundamental human rights and decent working conditions throughout our operations. This means you can request insight into the work we do on this topic.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to

You will receive a response within three weeks.

How we work with our suppliers.

We continuously work to ensure that our activities, as well as those of our suppliers and partners, do not involve violations of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. Therefore, we gather information to assess the risk of our suppliers and partners not operating responsibly.

We have established procedures to act if critical conditions are identified among our suppliers.

As of today, no critical conditions requiring action have been found on our part.

Read our due diligence statement published 30. June 2023 (Norwegian)

Our values


We are focused on enthusiasm and engagement solving challenges. Both in our customer relationship, but also internally. Our team are enthusiastic working with our customers, and we are a place where candidates are motivated to work. We genuinely believe that our employees provide a better quality job if they are enthusiastic/happy/content; therefore, this priority.


All we do and deliver shall be of high quality. We handpick the best suppliers and hire the best people. This combination makes it possible to develop the best solutions for our customers. We believe it is critical to do things correctly the first time.


Innovation is critical quality for an industry leader. Our customers have unique requirements, therefore we are continually working to develop our products ensuring the best possible solutions for to customers.


We tackle complex and challenging jobs. We believe nothing is impossible, and our customers can be confident that we always find a solution.