Sustainability and environment

Sustainability forms the bedrock for everything we do

Over several years, Kverneland Energi has placed great emphasis on renewable energy and sustainable solutions, and this forms the basis for our entire business model. 

Jointly with our customers, we have reduced diesel fuel consumption by millions of liters annually while simultaneously delivering multiple mega watt solar power plants since the origin of the market. Central to how we conduct ourselves is the concern to the climate footprint of our company and our employees.


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Climate positive

Our goal is not only to be carbon neutral but to be climate positive furthered by our policies and initiatives:

  • We have invested in a solar power plant for the roof of our offices; the plant includes battery storage of energy used for the completion of client projects and our usage 
  • Our employees can charge their electric vehicles free of charge with electricity originating from the solar power plant on our office roof
  • We offer bicycle parking for all our employees
  • All employees drive electric vehicles or ride bicycles to work, and all future company vehicles purchased must be electric
  • All our employees are offered solar power plants for their private homes, installed and integrated at a reduced price
  • We have invested in developing remote monitoring for our clients’ systems. Reducing our need to travel to the site, consequently, we can start, maintain, and monitor the systems remotely. Thus, contributing to increased uptime and efficiency of our client’s plants
  • We deliver climate reports to the KlimaHub portal, continuously reducing our climate footprint and emissions through new and existing policies
  • Our recycling practices are compliant with our membership to the European Recycling Platform (ERP). Health and environmentally hazardous materials, as well as OBS listed materials, are avoided
  • We recycle all waste appropriately
  • All batteries sold by us include a return policy, providing the appropriate disposal of batteries without additional charge
  • We have invested in modern video and cloud-based solutions, making travel for project execution minimal
  • We buy emission-free electricity with origin guaranteed
  • We include climate and environmental outcomes in the evaluation of purchasing and selection of suppliers
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Our values


We are focused on enthusiasm and engagement solving challenges. Both in our customer relationship, but also internally. Our team are enthusiastic working with our customers, and we are a place where candidates are motivated to work. We genuinely believe that our employees provide a better quality job if they are enthusiastic/happy/content; therefore, this priority.


All we do and deliver shall be of high quality. We handpick the best suppliers and hire the best people. This combination makes it possible to develop the best solutions for our customers. We believe it is critical to do things correctly the first time.


Innovation is critical quality for an industry leader. Our customers have unique requirements, therefore we are continually working to develop our products ensuring the best possible solutions for to customers.


We tackle complex and challenging jobs. We believe nothing is impossible, and our customers can be confident that we always find a solution.