System controls

All our energy systems come equipped with a control system. This can be anything from simple monitoring of a solar powerplant to more advanced systems that handle various energy sources within one system.

Control of various sources

Energy sources that can be controlled using our control system, showed in our model, display solar, wind, grid, generators and battery.

The battery is used as an energy source when other energy sources are not delivering, and gets charged while there is a surplus of energy in the system.

Thermic storage of energy is warmed water in heaters. For example; water can be heated by surplus from solar cells or wind, and used for hot water, district heating or waterborne heat.

The consumers of such a system have access to energy from the available sources at any given point in time.

EMS – Energy management system

EMS is the software that controls the system in totality.

Typical control functions are among other things;

  • Start and stop of generators
  • Usage of surplus energy in the batteries and thermic storage
  • Predicting of weather data, forecast of consumption, etc.

KVE- EMS systems are under continuous development, and the software becomes more sophisticated and increasingly complex as we add new functionality to the system.

Remote control and monitoring

All our systems can be remotely controlled and monitored regardless of where you find yourself in the world. For example, we can survey all our systems running from our offices, or the customer can control remotely from their control systems. We can also make updates remotely when the software updates are launched.

For example, we can view how much energy is produced, used, and what is available in the batteries on a fish farm offshore Chile. Additionally, we also can engage or disengage, for example the generators in the system.

The model displays a typical monitoring image from a tourism industry. Here we can see what is being produced of renewable energy solar cell panels. One can also view the level of usage in each cabin and what is available in the battery while simultaneously viewing the generator’s activity.

These images can be customized to what the customer wants and needs. Here one will also view how much solar power is produced every year and the yearly savings in diesel expenditure.


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