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Sustainable production

Tor Fasseland AS was established in 1988 and works with surface treathment, sandblasting, and spray painting. Their administrative offices and production facility can be found in Gidmerøya, a short drive from Mandal, Norway.

The business took responsibility for sustainable production and wanted to take part in the energy transition. They wished to install solar panels reducing both CO2 emissions as well as their electricity bill. 

In May 2021, we installed solar panels on the roof of Tor Fasseland AS in Mandal. The powerplant is designed to cover 10-20 % of the business’s electricity needs. The solar panels are placed on the eastern and western sides, installed with a loading system racks against each other.

The effect of the power plant is 51 kWp (130*395 w panel from Trina Solar). The power plant can be expanded by 50% on the same inverter and infrastructure. Expected yearly production is 46 MWh, as well as annual CO2 savings of 22 000 kg.

The polar power plant covers 250 square meters, and installation of the plant took three days from start to finish.

“I am delighted with the solution from Kverneland Energy. Everything has worked as it should, and the agreement has been upheld to every detail. It’s exciting for us to monitor the production. It has also been exhilarating to show off our plant and the monitoring screen to our visitors.” – CEO Tor Fasseland

About the project

Industry Industry
Year of installation 2021
Effect 51 kWp
Production per year 46 000 kWh
CO2 savings per year 22 000 kg


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