Renewable energy system

In the summer 2020, we installed a renewable energy system for Stavanger Turistforening. The solar power plant is 50 kWp with a battery bank of 115 kWh and er structured to produce 200 kWh daily.

The Benefits

The runtime of generators is expected to be reduced to 2-3 hours daily compared to permanently running as they were prior. Diesel usage should be reduced by more than 85% compared to the original generator solution. Another benefit is that the noise and exhaust are decreased significantly, resulting in tourists getting a much better experience of the cabin and the surrounding environment.

The facility have a high efficiency, meaning that all power outlets can be used simultaneously without overloading the system. For example, in the past, one could not run the washing machine and the water heater at the same time as the generators would not be able to manage the load, yet with the new system, this is unproblematic.


Battery Storage and Remote Monitoring

The powerplant is now fully automatic, and does not need to be managed manually. The facility gets energy from the sunlight, where the electricity is distributed directly either for use or for electricity storage. The battery is used for the storage of energy, such that we can use electricity after dark without generator support. On days where there is little energy production and high energy use, the disparity can be compensated using a generator. The generator is started and automatically stopped as necessary.


KE55 Off-Grid Tourist Edition

The core of the energy system is our self-developed energy transformer. It named KE55 Off-Grid Tourist Edition. KE55 is remotely controlled, we have access to all the energy data from our main office or wherever else we may be. This means that we can survey and ensure that the system function at any point in time as it should, giving the Touristforening assurances in runtime. Communication with KE55 takes place via the internet or a satellite link. In addition, KE55 has high effect, which means that we can charge the batteries quickly using sunlight or, in an emergency, with help from a generator.

Watch features from NRK TV: Huge investment in renewable energy (in norwegian)

1st of September 2020

About the project

Industry Turisthytter
Year of installation 2020
Effect 45 kWp
Charging capacity 115 kWh
Expected production pr year 44 000 kWh
Diesel savings pr year 3 000 l
CO2 savings pr year 18 000 kg



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