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Charging Electrical Construction Machinery

Kverneland Energi has delivered 4 charging containers, each with a battery capacity of 576 kWh, able to charge electric machinery at each outlet with 360 kW. More than doubling the effects of other on market solutions.

Two batteries in the system can be connected to increasing the capacity to 1152 kWh. Skagerak Energi provides solutions for the whole process, from charging to battery exchange. This is the world’s first holistic off-grid solution for the construction industry.

The solution comprises of:

  • Two charging platforms, each providing 630 kW (2 x 630 kW)
  • Energy storage of 4 x 576 kWh
  • Two charging systems consisting of 2 x DC charges as 360 kW, and 125A 400 VAC
  • Control and monitoring system of all activity of the solutions in real-time
  • Monthly environmental and fiscal impact report

«“We chose Kverneland Energi (KE) to be our partner because they had the highest score across our bidders, where criteria was weighted 30% by price, 30% by sustainability, and 40% by competency, and ability to deliver. KE offers highly innovative solutions, particularly their DC-DC solutions, which reduce the loss of energy during transfer. They have demonstrated the scalability of their solutions, and consequently, our collaboration can be envisioned from a limited number of pilot projects. KE initiated close collaboration in their development process, which was necessary for Skagerak Energi to be able to develop the product as the project progressed. KE demonstrated their ability to deliver a thoroughly developed product and their willingness and ability to adjust as we progress.”»

Kenneth Andersen, Senior Business Developer for Electrification in the Nordics, Skagerak Energi AS.

About Skagerak Energi AS:
Skagerak Energi is specialized in the production, circulation, and transfer of electrical power and other energy, including the business intertwined in these processes. The company employs ca. 650 individuals, with an average energy production of 6 TWd, over 207,000 grid customers, with a revenue of about 3 billion NOK.

About the project


Industry Industrial
Delivered 2022

360 kW


Storage capacity 576kW x 4


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