A sustainable solution

In December 2019, we installed AKVA Hybrid battery Pack on Mortenlaks’s feed fleet, operational since January 2020. They had a conscious goal of participating in the green transition and investing in sustainable solutions. 

Mortenlaks is a small actor in the market with two production leases in Lødingen county, just east of Lofoten, Norway. The battery pack installed has a charging capacity of 173 kWh and a maximal usage of 120 kW.

Large Benefits

The benefits are numerous, reducing the runtime of the generators while simultaneously reducing diesel consumption, noise, and exhaust. 

“The most obvious effect is how the work environment is changed so drastically from the moment the hybrid powerplant starts running. Noise and vibrations are also eliminated, and our soot problem has permanently disappeared. As a result, there is less noise and better work environment onboard, crucially also to the nearby vacation home infrastructure. It’s important to me that people around us aren’t disturbed by our operations” – Tom Jarle Bjørkly, CEO Mortenlaks.

Facts About the AKVA Hybrid

It’s a complete hybrid package from the AKVA Group based on the same battery technology, which is used in electric vehicles like Audi, BMW and Volkswagen. It provides up to 95% reduced diesel consumption during feeding and up to 60% reduction of diesel usage for the entire fleet. 

Facts about Mortenlaks

  • Two production leases
  • Produces 2300-2500 tons of salmon a year
  • Locates in Lødingen county in Nordland
  • Operations for 11 years
  • Member/Shareholder in Salmon Group

    About the project

    Industry Aquacultur
    Year of installation 2019
    Transformer KE120
    Battery storage 173 kWh
    Diesel saving per year 68 500 l


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