kvarøy fish farm


reduced runtime of generators

In April 2019, we installed the AKVA hybrid battery solution on their feed raft on Selsøyvær. The goal was to reduce the runtime of generators while simultaneously reducing the diesel consumption, noise, and exhaust on the fleet.

Post-implementation, they have saved 1.5-2 million NOK per plant, affected by the fleet’s energy consumption. The generator’s runtime was reduced from 24 hours a day to only 3 hours a day. The battery pack has a storage capacity of 158 kWh with a maximal usage of 142 kW.

“We wish to be the most sustainable producer of salmon in the world, and always attempting to facilitate for being an environmentally sustainable business. We were using large amounts of diesel, so implementing batteries was a natural choice for us. We bought the battery pack, installed it, and then forgot about it. It runs by itself and is simply fantastic. Now our plant is maintenance-free.” – says their Chief of Operations.

(video below – in norwegian)

About the project

Industry Aquaculture
Year of installation 2019
Transformer KE120
Battery storage 158 kWh
Diesel saving pr year 68 500 l


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