Halvar garpestad


Høyland in time county

In June 2020, we installed a solar power plant on the roof of Halvar Grapestads farm. The panels were installed facing south and cover a total of 550 square meters on the barn roof. The powerplant supplies him with self-produced electricity.

Initially, the powerplant comprised only solar panels on the roof of the barn housing his cows; however, in time, it is also possible to add more panels onto the roof of the barn housing his pigs.


The farmer sees many benefits in investing in solar panels; he saves money by producing his electricity and being more environmentally friendly. The powerplant gives the farmer the security at any point in time to monitor his powerplant, monitoring the whole systems functioning. 

Financial support

Innovasjon Norge provides the farmers with financial incentives making these investments more feasible. Overall they have given 4.8 million NOK to support the use of solar panels in Rogaland. Furthermore, they provide up to 30% of the investment with a ceiling of 1 million NOK as project support. There are several similar schemes across the world for these investments which we can support customers with.

About the project

Industry Agriculture
Year of installation 2020
Effect 100 kWp
Production pr year

103 600 kWh

CO2 saving pr. år

41 079 kg


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