Energy-efficient solution

When DNF was about to start building their new offices, it was vital for them to employ environmentally friendly and energy effective solutions—wishing to be self-sufficient with their electricity supply.

In May 2020, Kverneland Energy installed solar panels on the roof of their new headquarters outside Stavanger. About half of the 12,000 square meter roof is covered in solar panels. The electricity produced is used for lighting, powering computers, coffee machines, and charging electric vehicles.

The solar panels produce more energy than used on truly sunny days, and the surplus is delivered to Klepp Energi.

“The panels don’t require direct sunlight to produce electricity, but you do see a huge difference when the clouds disappear. This is because the maximum effect of the actual solar panels is about 70 kW, but it has been limited to about 50 kW. This means that the solar panels could produce an excess of 450 kWh on a cloudless day.” – Atle Braut, Marketing Manager in DNF.

About the project

Industry Industry
Year of installation 2020
Effect 70 kWp
Production pr year 63 000 kWh
CO2 savings pr year 25 000 kg


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