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We offer three different mobile fast charging solutions for construction equipment:



  • A mobile solution that can be transported on a trailer with a car
  • Suitable for 1-2 excavators
  • Can provide up to 192 kWh of power


  • A 10-foot container solution
  • Suitable for 2-4 excavators
  • Can provide up to 384 kWh of power


  • A 20-foot container solution
  • Can provide power for the entire construction site
  • Can provide up to 1500 kWh of power

Challenges of electrifying construction equipment and construction sites include:

There is no electrical power available at the construction site

In this case, the mobile charger can be used as a “power bank.” It is transported fully charged to the construction site and transported away again for charging.

There are several different companies on the construction site that need to charge

The battery system comes with a sophisticated control system with an accompanying portal. In the portal, one has full overview and control over who is charging, where the unit is located, SOC% and other relevant data. It can be linked to third-party payment solutions.

What safety measures are currently in place for the batteries?

The battery cell consists of 5 safety barriers to prevent overcharging and fire. In the event of heat and smoke development, we have developed a solution in collaboration with the fire department for connection to a fire hose and supplying water. In a few minutes, the container is filled with water that effectively cools the batteries in a “thermal runaway.”

The building power on the construction site is only 32A

The battery will enhance the building power and ensure that you can charge at full power, operate larger construction equipment or receive 400V.

There is a requirement for reporting from the construction site

Monthly sustainability reports are generated showing the most important data such as diesel savings, CO2 reduction, number of charging sessions, number of kWh charged, etc.

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We offer two different solutions.

Solution 1:


The building has electrical power available, but it is not powerful enough to quickly charge the machine. The solution is then connected to the available electrical power and charges with the available power at all times. If the excavator needs to be charged, the battery will deliver the extra power that the building power can not handle, and you will be able to charge the excavator at full power. In short, you can charge the machine during lunch instead of using several hours. In addition, you also have the option to take out 400V. An example would be that you want to run a tower crane that requires 125A, but you only have 32A available. With this solution, you will be able to run the crane even if you only have 32A building power available. You also have the option to take out an enhanced 400V. The battery will then enhance the building power you have so that you can, for example, operate a larger tower crane.

Solution 2:


Has all the advantages of solution 1, but the difference here is that there is no building power available. In this case, the mobile charger is used as a “power bank”. It is transported fully charged to the building site and transported away afterwards to be charged again. It can be charged at a regular 400V/230V outlet or it can be charged at a public charging station. As with the other solution, you also have the option to take out 400V. It can be used to operate equipment that requires regular 400V.

Our mobile fast chargers come equipped with proprietary software that continuously provide information on battery location, charging status, users, etc. We all have a shared responsibility to make future construction sites emission-free. Kverneland Energi is taking an active part in this, and we will do our part in creating a more sustainable future.